There are many fantastic bodybuilders in the IFBB Pro league and it is always a difficult task to separate the elite of the sport, but one in a while, one will stick out.

One bodybuilder that does stand out is Dallas McCarver. Winning his Pro Card at the young age of 21 in 2012 after just three competitions, he is looking to be the real deal after his impressive victory at the 2016 Chicago Pro.

The 2016 Chicago Pro might have not had the elite of the Olympia line-up, but Dallas was way ahead of his competition and that already says something about him.

At the 2015 Mr. Olympia, Dallas did place 13th, but even 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman placed horribly at his first Olympia.

Dallas has made some fantastic improvements to his physique and he will surely be in the mix at the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

Challenging Phil Heath for the title might not happen this year, but he should give a challenge to the top five.

Dallas has great size and has that young look of a Jay Cutler in his prime. We must not forget Dallas is only 25 years old.

A little more back thickness is still needed, but overall he looks fantastic.

From the front, his look is good… maybe a little more tightness in the mid-section, but this can easily be corrected.

His leg development is on track and can only get better.

A couple of weeks ago, Dennis James said Dallas is the Dark Horse of the Olympia and he is absolutely correct.

The 2016 Mr. Olympia will have the return of the great Kevin Levrone and we are all excited about that, but our eyes will definitely be on Dallas!!

Photos: Muscular Development