IFBB Physique America names Danny Padilla

IFBB Physique America names Danny Padilla to Executive Board

Danny “The Giant Killer” Padilla, a legendary Bodybuilding Champion, has been named to the Executive Board of IFBB Physique America. He joins Robby “The Black Prince” Robinson on the Board of the electrifying new entry into the Bodybuilding/Fitness world.

Danny started his career in a big way by winning the 1970 Mr. Rochester competition. It was not only his first show, but he was still in high school. He followed that up by winning the overall title at the 1975 IFBB Mr. USA and the 1977 IFBB Mr. America. In 2009, Danny was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

“I have known Danny his entire career and, in my opinion, he is the greatest short-man in the history of the sport” states Jim Rockell, owner of Samson’s Gym in Rochester where Danny still trains as well as being Executive Assistant to the President of IFBB Physique America. “I always felt he was the uncrowned Mr. Olympia in 1981. Just look at the photos and you will see my perspective” elucidated Rockell.

IFBB Physique America CEO/President Wayne S. DeMilia illuminated, “This is just another step in the groundwork. We are building a foundation that will allow us to go higher than anyone projected or anticipated.

Photo: Danny “The Giant Killer” Padilla and Jim Rockell

IFBB Physique America names Danny Padilla