Matt Lorz

Dariely Castilho of Brasil a field of more than 35 competitors to win the Women’s Physique International. Castilho received the champion’s trophy from Arnold Schwarzenegger and $5,000, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jackets and congratulations from Jeff Howe of Optimum Nutrition and ROGUE Fitness.

The remainder of the Women’s Physique International top six:

  • 2nd place: Sheronica Henton received $2,000 and a trophy from Midway Labs USA and Body Fortress.
    3rd place: Heather Grace received $1,500 and trophy from Animal and EAS.
  • 4th place: Brooke Walter received $1,000 and a trophy from BSN and Performix.
  • 5th place: Autumn Swansen received $1,000 and a trophy from Jan Tana and the Columbus Dispatch.
  • 6th place: Rosela Joseph received $500 and a trophy from Allmax and Ricart Automotive.