Iran Dominate

Day 2 IFBB 2018 Asian Championships: Iran Dominate.

Iran were the team to beat at the 2018 IFBB Asian Championships.

Iran were dominant in amateur and as well the IFBB Elite Pro division.

The 2nd session of the 2018 Asian Championships took place in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia).

It was a spectacular event for bodybuilding fans all over the world. Iran did not disappoint and won six Gold medals in this discipline.

The overall pro title went to Majid Jameh Bozorg. With China and Bahrain reaching the gold, as well, in the lightest categories, the surprise was the progression of Iraq. The team won three Gold medals, besides four silver and two Bronze medals.

The winners in Bodybuilding are as follows:

Up to 55 kg: Shen Jin (China)
Up to 60 kg: Guayad Sami (Iraq)
Up to 65 kg: Ali M. Abdulrasool (Bahrain)
Up to 70 kg: Fershad Ganji (Iran)
Up to 75 kg: Faramarz Azizi (Iran)
Up to 80 kg: Hossein Gazmeh (Iran)
Up to 85 kg: Mehdi Arzeshmand (Iran)
Up to 90 kg: Mohammed H. Taha (Iraq)
Up to 95 kg: Majid Jamehbozorg (Iran)
Up to 100 kg: Ali Salim Jasim (Iraq)
Over 100 kg: Seyed Mehedi A. (Irán)

Bodybuilding Overall (Elite Pro Card):

1 Majid Jameh Bozorg (Irán)
2 Mohammed H. Taha (Iraq)
3 Ali Salim Jasim (Iraq)
4 Seyed Mehdi A.

Picture: Bodybuilding Overall winner, Majid Jameh Bozorg (Iran) surrounded by AFBF Executives: (left to right) Ochir Gambaatar (president), Dr. Rafael Santonja, Zhang Haifeng (Vice-president), Sanjay More (Gral. Secretary) and Naser Pouralifard (Vice-president).