dennis and boodaiThe strong message that IFBB Pro Dennis James sent out to yesterday was heard loud and clear by Dave Palumbo.

In fact, not long afterwards, Dave released a video inviting Dennis James and Bader Boodai on the next edition of Iron Debate.

Dennis James made it clear yesterday on his daily talk with fans on his Periscope account and it is very unlikely that he will go back on his word that he will never go on that show again.

Dennis had some harsh words to say about, insisting that the ‘Truth does hurt!!’

We are just stating the facts as every other bodybuilding news website should and we continue to respect, BUT a little event yesterday took place that we feel everybody should know about.

While reading, RxMuscle’s post on Twitter regarding his invitation to Dennis James to come back on his show, we retweeted the url to the story with all the comments of Dennis James in detail from his Periscope video (knowing it will go offline soon as their videos do not stay online long) on RxMuscles’ page.

Yes, pages are moderated from ridiculous comments or tweets, but we are only promoting what Dennis actually said. As far as we know, nobody else did!! Why was our comment deleted??

The phrase ‘The truth hurts’ that live by, should be respected and we just published the truth.

It was in no way to get publicity it was just to let readers know how Dennis James feels.

While listening to both what Dennis James and Bader Boodai said, we truly believe Dennis is genuine and straight to the point. Bader is a business man and at the end of the day, it is truly unlikely that he has the true passion for bodybuilding. On the other side, Dennis has been on stage, did the diets and lives and breathes the sport and is a great motivator. We believe he truly wanted to help Big Ramy, and its obvious he had to get paid. But, if Big Ramy started to work with Dennis, he should have listened to nobody else!

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