IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf is looking good after having surgery the past month.

Dennis will most surely miss this years Mr. Olympia as he has just started to hit the gym.

Dennis released some photos of himself washing his car and basically taking it easy while his body gets a well deserved rest.

As well, Dennis was not shy to release the X-Ray photos of the pins that were inserted during the operation.

The photos of Dennis Wolf has worried many fans as he has lost a lot of size. But most probably many did not know he had to have surgery.

Bodybuilders are normal people and they also need time to heal and in that process they will lose size. For some reason many people cannot come to terms with this reality.

We wish Dennis a speedy recovery and hopefully we will see him on he stage again fighting for the top prize.


Dennis Wolf Post Operation11

Dennis Wolf Post Operation10 Dennis Wolf Post Operation8 Dennis Wolf Post Operation7