Dexter Jackson - Back on the road

WATCH: Dexter Jackson – Back on the road to Olympia 2019.

Dexter Jackson is totally focused on the 2019 Mr. Olympia.

There is a very big chance he wins his record 30th Pro League show and as well his second Mr. Olympia title.

If Dexter does win his second Mr. Olympia title, it would possible the most historic accomplishment in the history of the Mr. Olympia.

Winning in 2008 and then possible again in 2019 is a huge accomplishment.

Dexter is almost 50 years old. This would make him the oldest Mr. Olympia winner in the history of the sport, another great accomplishment.

In the build up to the Olympia Weekend, Dexter loves to keep his fans updated with his training.

Dexter just released a new video with his trainer Charles Glass.

Dexter goes through a grueling arm routine with the Godfather of Bodybuilding.

As usual, Dexter makes sure he talks to all his fans and friends during his time at Gold’s Gym, Venice.