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WATCH: Dexter Jackson talks about Shawn Ray and Athleticon.

Patrick Bet-David has been interviewing the best bodybuilders in the world in the last couple of months.

All the interviews take place on his popular Youtube channel Valuetainment.

The most recent interview was with Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder with the most victories in the history of bodybuilding.

Patrick pressed Dexter with a number of good questions during the interview with some standing out more than others.

When asked about what was his secret to staying in the sport for such a long period, Dexter did not reveal all, but he said it has a lot to do with diet and taking the proper supplements and digestive enzymes to keep the gut down and not bloated.

Dexter also revealed that the athlete has to change their training methods as they get older.

The most controversial subjects were about Shawn Ray and the Athleticon.

In a recent interview with Patrick, Shawn Ray insisted that he was always a superior bodybuilder than Dexter Jackson.

After hearing Shawn’s comments during the interview, Dexter Jackson took the opportunity to crush Shawn’s comments.

Dexter first wanted to make a point of saying the bodybuilders in the past cannot be compared to today’s physique.

In fact, Dexter gave the best explanation about this subject from all the interviews Patrick has made.

Dexter said “Everybody keeps trying to compare era’s, you can’t, this era is totally different from the 90’s…”

“Back then everybody was sucked in and sucked down and we were eating 4-5 meals a day to look like that…”

“Today, you have to eat to look full, if you come in looking like that (90’s look) you will get smoked on stage.”

When the subject of Shawn Ray came up in regards to his comments towards Dexter Jackson, Dexter was quick to say that he would “smoke” Shawn Ray any day.

Dexter continued to explain that he has no problem losing to Shawn, but in his prime, Shawn will have no chance.

After discussing Dexter’s career the bug subject of Athleticon was brought up.

It is already a fact that Dexter has confirmed that his final competition will be at the 2020 Olympia Weekend.

Patrick for some reason pressed Dexter very hard on if he will even consider competing at Athleticon.

It is known that Patrick is very close to 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Phil Heath as we all know is managed by one of the promoters of Athleticon, Dany Garcia.

Dany Garcia is Dwayne Johnson’s business partner.

It makes sense for Patrick to press Dexter in regards to Athleticon, but as it looks, Dexter will not be competing at this event.

Dexter insisted that none of the top competitors will come to the show if the prize money is not up to standard.

Patrick tried to explain that this contest could help start another career when it comes to entertainment, TV and movies since Dwayne Johnson is involved.

Dexter did say that he will consider competing after hearing some of the facts from Patrick, but again, as it looks, Dexter will be a no show.

Patrick insists he has no connection to Athleticon, but in his recent interviews, it is evident that Patrick is close to the Athleticon organizers.

It must be taken into consideration that when this interview was recorded, the coronavirus threat was still very low in America. But this has changed drastically.

The Athleticon event itself is in doubt, with all the factors in relation to coronavirus, this can impact the event negatively.

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When Dexter was asked who he thinks is the greatest bodybuilder in the history of the sport, he immediately said Ronnie Coleman.

Dexter’s top five bodybuilders that he competed against are Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone and Chris Cormier.

His all time greatest ever bodybuilders in the history of the sports are Ronnie Colemen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Sergio Oliva and Lee Haney.

In Dexter’s eyes, Ronnie Coleman remains the best every bodybuilder in the sport as he was the most complete and unbeatable at his best.

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