Dexter Jackson has won another Arnold Classic to make him the king of bodybuilding with the most victories.

It was a shock to many as Big Ramy was the fan favorite to win.

As Dexter looked great, Big Ramy looked much better than the Mr. Olympia, but the judges preferred the more refined Dexter Jackson.

The Olympia runner up fell to fourth while William Bonac took third.

Top six results
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Mamdouh “Ramy” Elssbiay
3. William Bonac
4. Shawn Rhoden
5. Roelly Winklaar
6. Josh Lenartowicz
7. Victor Martinez
8. Petar Klancir
9. Dallas McCarver
10. Lukas Osladil
11. Ben Pakulski
12. Sandro Hofer
13. Brandon Curry
14. Mahdi Ayari
15. Michael Kefalianos
16. Thomas Benagli
16. Alexander Federov

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