dexter jackson 2016 new york proDexter Jackson is the man to beat. The veteran of the sport still is still pushing aside anybody that stands in his way. Competitors half Dexter’s age still can’t find a way to defeat the former Mr. Olympia. Many say Dexter was not at his best, but this is a big sign that still at his age, Dexter is still hard to defeat.

Roelly Winklaar has returned to the stage looking much better than previous years. His placed second after winning last week at the BodyPower Pro in the UK. Winklaar just has to refine his physique a bit more to continue his top three placings.

The surprise of the weekend was Victor Martinez, many thought his career was coming to an end, but Victor managed to place third with a very good display. At the 2015 New York Pro, Victor did place second against Juan Morel who slipped to sixth this year. Victor knows how to do his work on the stage. The main goal for Victor will be to qualify for the 2016 Olympia as early as possible.

Photos courtesy of NPC News Online


1. Dexter Jackson
2. Roelly Winklaar
3. Victor Martinez
4. Maxx Charles
5. Steve Kuclo
6. Juan Morel
7. Nathan De Asha
8. Jonathan Delarosa
9. Jeff Beckham
10. Brian Yersky
11. Michael Kefalianos
12. Blair Mone
13. Rudy Richards
14. Derek Upshaw
15. Pablo Ayala Zayas
16. Dominick Cardone
16. Keith Williams
16. Panexce Pierre