WATCH: Will Lee Priest accept Doherty’s invite after 7 years of silence?

Lee Priest accept Doherty

WATCH: Will Lee Priest accept Doherty’s invite after 7 years of silence?

The bodybuilding world always seems to have some type of controversy on and off the stage.

The popular bodybuilder Lee Priest is not far away from controversy with his comments and actions.

Lee has been suspended for life by the IFBB and also had his problems with the NPC/Pro League.

During an interview on Muscle Asylum TV, Lee Priest did not hold back on his comments towards Tony Doherty, the NPC/Pro League and the IFBB.

The interview with Lee Priest was published on 2 January, 2019 and Tony’s Doherty’s was published on 7 January, 2019.

The show’s host is Mark “Grechy” Grech, before you ask, he is thankfully not related to the owner of

Getting back to the story, in the recent interview with Lee Priest, Lee was asked about his suspension from the IFBB and if it still stands after the split.

Basically, when we refer to the IFBB, Lee Priest is still suspended, but after the split at the end of 2017, the NPC/Pro League have invited Lee back to their expos and competitions.

Lee made it known that he and the President of IFBB Australia Paul Graham, are still on bad terms. Lee believes that the athletes in the past should of got together as a team and protested against Paul Graham and the IFBB Australia.

Before 2017, all the Pro League shows were affiliated to the IFBB Australia with Tony Doherty included. There are rules within each federation and Lee Priest did not agree with a lot of them.

Lee not only talked negatively about the IFBB Australia, but he also mentioned a number of problems withing the NPC/Pro League.

The funny part of the interview was when Mark Grech turned white during the rant Lee made against the NPC/Pro League Australia and Tony Doherty. Mark Grech was speechless.

During the interview, Mark Grech tried everything to make Lee Priest say something positive about the federation (NPC/Pro League) he and Tony Doherty are associated with, but Lee would have nothing of it.

While Lee talked about his suspension, he found it funny that Tony Doherty contacted him after seven years.

Lee said before he was suspended for life, he used to talk to Tony Doherty all the time and compete at his shows.

Lee went on to explain that after he received his life ban from the IFBB, he lost all contact from Tony and everybody else withing the NPC/Pro League.

This is the telephone conversation between Lee Priest and Tony Doherty according to Lee Priest:

Lee: “Hey Tony”

Doherty: “I just want you to know, you are more than welcome to come to my shows”

Lee: “Well, why was I not welcome to come before?”

Doherty: “Well Lee, you know how it is”

Lee: “No, I don’t know how it F***’n is. If your a friend, who gives a f*** about politics? Why can’t I go to a expo? So you know, I don’t get the politics bullshit.”


Will Lee Priest accept Tony Doherty’s invitation after seven years of silence? from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.

After, the shows host tried to change the subject and aim it towards the bad blood between Lee and the Grahams.

As it looked, Mark Grech was going to faint with all the comments against Doherty.

Many, just like Lee Priest, do not agree with certain rules and regulations by the IFBB and the IFBB Federation in Australia, but these rules have been around for many years.

We must not forget, Ben Weider laid the foundation for all these rules.

Mark invited to the shows he is associated with in 2019 and Lee did not give a definitive answer.

Lee’s response to Mark Grech was, “I do go to shows and expos overseas, but why should I support somebody who did not support me after all these years?”

Lee did go on to expose the dirt that was happening behind the scenes at NPC/Pro League shows while he was a competitor.

Lee said “judges used to sleep with competitors” and the officials knew about it and they could do nothing about it.

Priest said that the NPC/Pro Card today does not have the worth it had back in his competition days. He said they are giving the NPC/Pro League cards out to easy.

Tony Doherty

A week after, Tony Doherty was interviewed on the same show.

The host took the opportunity to ask Tony about the comments Lee Priest made regarding their telephone conversation.

Tony was a true gentleman about the entire matter and had nothing but praise for Lee Priest.

Tony said, he was around Lee for most of his career with the IFBB and especially in Australia.

When asked about the seven year silence between himself and Lee, Tony said ” I was between a rock and a hard place, I had to stay in the position I was given with the old administration to get to where we are today.”

Tony continued, “Lee put himself outside of that world, because he stuck to his guns, and I get that. He had a fall out with Jim Manion, and as you know I am a very close friend with Jim.”

Regarding their friendship, Doherty continued to explain “As you know, I am a very loyal friend and especially to Lee. I did not turn my back on Lee, I just never called him. When the split happened, he was the first person I called.”

Tony continued to praise Lee and he did not have a problem with Lee saying he was ignored for seven years as it was the truth, but Tony wanted to clear the air.

Doherty continued to explain that when Lee got into trouble with the officials, he always tried his best to sort things out for him.

We are looking forward to find out if Lee will eventually go to one of Tony’s shows in the 2019 season.

We respect the decision Tony made on which federation he supports. Everybody does what is best for himself.

On the subject of Mark Grech. We have nothing to say.

Regarding the Graham’s, we still have to hear their side of the story regarding the comments Lee Priest made about them.

Watch both interviews in full by clicking HERE.

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