First earlier this week it was 5X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath who cut off ties with his own supplement company after he noticed bad management and shady practices going on behind his back.

Now, 6X Mr. Olympia has also followed the same path by cutting all ties with the gym running under his own name.

According to a press release released by Dorian Yates on his Facebook page, the reason was because of ‘The unprofessional and dishonest practices of the owner Mr Kamel Rahmen‘.

The trend seems to be that many retired athletes are making deals with people who manage to profit from their popular name and end up leaving them with no financial gain.

We truly hope, Dorian can get back on his feet and start fresh with another project. As it would be a big loss to the sport if athletes like Dorian just walk away.

Below is the full press release:

It is with some regret that I make this statement.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have little choice but to announce my total disassociation form the DY Gym in Marbella Spain now illegally using my DY brand and image.

The unprofessional and dishonest practices of the owner Mr Kamel Rahmen have led me to now place the matter in the hands of my legal team who will be taking action. (Official statement here – )

This has been a very stressful time for myself, Gal and our friends, who have put a lot of time and effort into the project without compensation promised.

Large sums of money are owed to ourselves, other financiers, suppliers, staff and government agencies.

We will move forward in a positive manner as is our nature and DY Gyms are already in negotiations with several international locations for future projects.
If you plan to visit Marbella this summer you can find us at UP gym , calle chipper 22 San pedro de alcantara 29670…… to book PT sessions…

Thank you
Dorian Yates


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