Dr. Rafael Santonja

Dr. Rafael Santonja re-elected as EBFF President.

The 2018 Annual Congress took place on Thursday 3 May, 2018 in Santa Susanna (Spain).

The founder of European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (EBFF) and IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja has been re-elected, one more time, and by unanimous decision as the president of the organization during the Annual Congress that took place before the IFBB/EBFF 2018 European Championship.

Voted by the delegates of the 41 countries represented in the EBFF Congress, President Santonja will lead the Federation for a another 4 years (2018-2022), joined by the new Executive Committee in which the main positions will be as follows:

General Secretary:

William Tierney (UK)


Pawel Filleborn (Poland)

Benedetto Mondello (Italy)

José Ramos (Spain)

Photo: (L-R) General Secretary William Tierney and EBFF President Dr. Rafael Santonja.