Dr. Robert Goldman - 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Robert Goldman –  2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio – International Sports Hall of Fame founder and World Hall of Fame of Physical Fitness inductee Dr. Robert Goldman will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when the Arnold Sports Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary in March 2018.

Dr. Goldman is a sixth-degree Black Belt in Karate, Chinese weapons expert and holder or former holder of more than 20 world strength records. Past feats of strength include 13,500 consecutive straight leg sit ups and 321 consecutive handstand pushups. He has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records numerous times. Dr. Goldman is the founder and remains International President Emeritus of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He has also been chairman of the IFBB and NPC Medical Commissions for the past 30 years.

Goldman founded the International Sports Hall of Fame in 2012 with Arnold Sports Festival co-founders Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer among the inaugural class. Induction ceremonies are held each year at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

“This is without question the most prestigious honor that I will have received in my lifetime,” Goldman said. “To be on the same stage as my personal heroes and mentors in Arnold and Jim Lorimer and to receive the same honor as Ben & Joe Weider, Jack LaLanne, Reg Park and so many others is such a tremendous honor. It’s the pinnacle!”

The Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented annually since 2000 to an individual who has made notable contributions to the fitness industry and offered a lifetime of service to the enhancement of sports performance and promotion.

Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees:

(Links go to highlight videos for each recipient)

2000:  Joe Weider
2001:  Reg Park
2002:  Jim Lorimer
2003:  Frank Zane
2004:  Bill Pearl
2005:  Jack LaLanne
2006:  Lee Haney
2007:  Cory Everson
2008:  Ben Weider
2009:  Franco Columbu
2010:  Sylvester Stallone
2011:  Lou Ferrigno
2012:  Robert Kennedy
2013:  Rich Gaspari
2014:  John Balik
2015:  Jim Manion
2016:  Dr. Raphael Santonja
2017:  Betty Weide
2018: Dr. Bob Goldman

The 2018 Arnold Sports Festival USA will be held March 1-4 and feature more than 18,000 athletes from 80 nations competing in more than 75 sports and events, including IFBB Pro League events in men’s open bodybuilding, men’s 212, men’s classic physique (new in 2018), men’s physique, fitness, figure, bikini, women’s physique and pro wheelchair. Visit  www.arnoldsportsfestival.com for more information.


Dr. Robert Goldman - 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award