ebff-congress-01The European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Congress, held in Santa Susanna, during the celebration of the 2014 European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, gathered delegates from 42 European nations.

The agenda included reports on educational programs (more info at www.ifbbeducation.com), judges seminars and the upcoming events calendar that will be held in Europe (over 60 international competitions on the continent), some of the most important being: Olympia Amateur Europe in Prague, Czech Republic, World Children Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia, Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, Spain, the World Classic Bodybuilding Championships in La Nucia, Benidorm, Spain, and the Nicole Wilkins Championships and Nordic Fitness Expo in Lahti, Finland.

As this was an electoral Congress, elections were held, determining members of the European Executive Council for the period of 2014-2018, comprised of the following:

President: Rafael Santonja
Honorary President: Albert Busek
Vice-Presidents: Pawel Filleborn, Vladimir Dubinin, Benedetto Mondello
General Secretary: William Tierney
Executive Assistant to the President: Igor Deliyev
Judges Committee: Erich Janner
Technical Committee: Wanda Tierney
Bodybuilding Committee: Andrzej Michalak
Fitness Committee: Juliette Bergmann
Press Commission: Andrzej Michalak
Medical Commission: Dr Francisco Abril
Anti-Doping Commission: Milan Cizek
Athletes Representative: Wolfgan Schober
Treasurer: Jose Ramos
Legal Advisor: Marco Bosco
Disciplinary Committee: Marco Bosco
Nordic Liaison Officer: K.P. Ourama