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Effective Supplements for Muscle Building.

Muscle building requires positive energy and balance. Your body will be required to take in more calories to support protein turnover, but you will also need to watch out for excessive intake which can lead to excess fat storage. Simply put, you can build muscles by eating right and exercise such as lifting weights. The only question is, which supplements to choose? Below are the suggested supplements for effective muscle building:

Whey Powder

Whey is known to be a by-product of the cheese-making process. From its liquid form, it is converted into powder to make a nutritious supplement for fitness. It is known to be affordable and effective because it is easily absorbed by the body through the bloodstream and muscles as it makes recovery and builds up faster. Whey is available in different forms, but all these are rich in amino acids that are responsible for rebuilding and repairing muscles as you work out. So if you are aiming for a stronger and leaner physique, choose a high-quality whey protein source for your muscles to grow. A dose of not more than 55mg per day is recommended if you are doing a workout or fitness program to build muscles. The best time to take a dose immediately after your workout, say 30 minutes after your workout drink, you can have a beverage or a fruit shake or smoothie with whey to initiate the recovery process, but you can still take it during your breakfast. This will kick out muscle growth faster.


Amino acids have been far known to supplement bodybuilders. It gives several bodybuilding benefits including muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown thus it also has an immunity booster effect making the body strong and healthy and preventing you from skipping your workout. It can promote growth hormone levels and aids in burning fats in the body. Like protein powder, it is recommended to take this supplement post-workout session. Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism and volumizing cells. This makes your body perform at optimum energy. Its effects on the body do not only affect your muscles, but it also makes vital organs such as the kidneys and small intestines to function well, so you do not get weak or ill.


Creatine is popular as a fat burner. It is also best known for muscle building because it increases blood flow to the muscles to enhance the flow of nutrients and also it increases testosterone levels that will aid in further muscle growth. During a workout, carnitine works indirectly by training your muscles to do the activities as it speeds up energy release from burned fats. Carnitine enables the body to reject muscle pain to build-up, making you more able to do what you have to do during your exercises. This increases your endurance, thus you can train harder for a longer time.


Creatine can increase strength dramatically. Although this is naturally found in the body, increasing it with a supplement will make your body perform more as compared with normal routines that you do. This means you can do more repetitions of muscle-building activities because your bloodstream has been energized by the amino acids brought by creatine. According to studies, creatine monohydrate is found to be the most effective form of this supplement. It is suggested to take it along with carbohydrates for it to work effectively. If this will be your first time, try load phasing first and your body will get used to it first. Once you already feel that your body can do many more activities you can add this regularly to your bodybuilding diet plan. You can seek help from a trainer for the best amount you should intake.

Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate or ZMA

This supplement is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6, which are mostly deficient in some bodybuilders. These minerals and vitamins are essential to maintain adequate hormone levels and enable a person to manage sleep adequately. Sleep is relevant because this is the time when muscles restore and recover. It also has an immunity booster since there is a zinc content. Magnesium on the other hand helps in metabolism, cardiovascular system, and bone health. The combined effects of zinc and magnesium enhance muscle size, strength, and fat loss. Thus, its effect greatly leads to healthy well-being. Vitamin B6 is responsible for muscle growth and recovery. With these trio combined, the nutrient delivery to the bloodstream is enhanced, giving the body a quickly improved performance.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is playing the most important role when it comes to muscle recovery and growth. Sunlight is the popular natural source, but in some places of seasons where the morning sun is not available, it is best to get some supplements to keep up with your bodybuilding requirements. It is also responsible for protein synthesis, which aids in testosterone production to get optimum muscle growth. Like magnesium, it also helps with bone health. Healthy bones are important when muscles are growing because this will be holding the muscles. If you are deficient then you would have weak bones not being able to hold your muscles which can cause you pain or lead to bad physique or build.

High Molecular Weight Carbs

These supplements affect endurance and resistance. It helps the body adjust to high-intensity muscle work while helping with the recovery. It is believed that people who do intense workouts should take these high carb supplements to maximize the replacement of lost glycogen during a workout. Being high in molecular weight is important because it has lower osmotic pressure. Low Osmotic pressure allows carbohydrates to be brought to the digestive system faster. This is important after your exercises because insulin levels rise and the body needs replenishment of glycogen levels to aid in muscle growth.


To wrap things up, you can not supplement muscle growth with a bad diet. You still need to check on your dietary requirements which you can ask from an expert, so you can get optimum performance during your workouts and get the best results. With a lot of supplements available in the market, get those with proven effects and highly recommended by people who use them. You would want to invest in your efforts and time to build your desired muscles, but you also need to choose programs and supplements wisely.