IFBB Elite Pro Canada
Montréal, Quebec Canada

Official Media Release

IFBB Elite Pro Canada welcomes Kevin Grech and Evolution Of Bodybuilding (www.evolutionofbodybuilding.net) as an Official Media Partner to the IFBB Elite Pro–Q and Pro Show series in Canada as well with the Diamond Cup Canadian series of events.

Kevin and his online site has proven their intent on providing meaningful and balanced coverage and representation of Fitness and Bodybuilding competitions and it is the intent of the Canadian IFBB community to work with Mr. Grech in the coming season and beyond to further afford media and athlete exposure for our IFBB Elite Pro shows, qualifiers and related events.

Evolution Of Bodybuilding joins our other partner Elite Physique Magazine as key role players to IFBB Elite Pro Canada.We lo ok forward to the collaboration ahead and we trust our IFBB family of athletes will enjoy the website, it’s content and information coverage of all thing IFBB.

IFBB Elite Pro Canada