EOB Podcast 1 - IFBB Physique America's Wayne DeMilia

EOB Podcast 1 – IFBB Physique America’s Wayne DeMilia.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net’s first Podcast has finally been published and we are honored to have Wayne Demilia as our first guest!

Wayne is not a new name to the bodybuilding world, his vast experience with the IFBB Pro League and the Mr. Olympia contest is unmatched.

After leaving the sport in 2004, Wayne is back and is heading the new USA affiliate to the IFBB International. The IFBB Physique America is still in its beginning stages, but shows are already scheduled with a number of legends working with the federation such as Robby Robinson and Danny Padilla.

We discussed a number of subject. His past experience with the IFBB and Mr. Olympia, Drug testing and the media.

You will notice in the interview, Wayne has a wealth of knowledge and stories regarding the sport. We will surely be interviewing him again.