top Youtube channels 2020

Evolution of’s top Youtube channels for 2020.

The bodybuilding world has been flooded with numerous YouTube channels covering every aspect of bodybuilding.

On a weekly basis, I (Kevin Grech) have a number of channels that I follow on a regular basis.

All the channels are dedicated to bodybuilding, but some are really entertaining and funny when they go off subject sometimes.

The top channels that I view regularly are RXMuscle, Fouad Abiad, Jay Cutler TV, Digital Muscle, Nick Trigilli and finally A.J. Kelly.

RX Muscle

Dave Palumbo and his gang must be the wildest characters in the world of bodybuilding.

Dave produces a number of shows consisting of Muscle in the Morning, Iron Rage, After Hours and Heavy Muscle Radio.

The shows mentioned above are just a few of Dave’s vast library of material, but they are my favorite.

Muscle in the Morning focuses on the day to day news of the bodybuilding and fitness world, giving you all the information you need in just a few minutes.

Iron Rage is one of the wild shows, with Dave and usually Lee Priest discussing every that might be related or not to bodybuilding. This show can be very entertaining, funny and vulgar at some time. But it is good fun.

Our favorite show is After Hours. Get ready to laugh your head off with Dave and the Whack Pack.

Jimmy the Bull, John Romano, Gregg Valentino, Mr G and Dave Palumbo discusses every possible subject and get ready to laugh till you get dizzy.

I must admit, my favorite character is Jimmy the Bull. His stories not only brings the other guests to tears but the viewer as well. If anything bad had to happen to somebody, it would happen to Jimmy.

Another weekly ritual is watching (or listening) to Heavy Muscle Radio. The main guest on this show is Chris Aceto. The main focus of this show is discussing the past week events from the bodybuilding world.

Listening to Dave and Chris discuss certain topics is educational and entertaining, plus it is great listening to Chris share his lifetime knowledge and experiences from the bodybuilding world.

All jokes aside, Dave is one of the most educated people in the industry when it comes to everything related to diet and training.

Dave also is not one to just publish a story for the sake of it. Even if a big story makes its rounds, Dave will first get all the information before publishing it himself.

Fouad Abiad

Pro bodybuilder Fouad Abiad is a new face to many in the bodybuilding world when it comes to YouTube channels.

Fouad Abiad has a number of great shows that range from training, diet and as well a number of shows with guests.

Fouad has a great way of explaining training techniques and diets. He is easy to listen to and he as well is down to earth. Don’t expect anything fancy from the Fouad.

My favorite shows by Fouad is Bodybuilding Bollocks and Bro Chat.

I fell in love with Bodybuilding Bollocks when he main guest was Luke Sandow (RIP), this show was very entertaining, educational and funny at the same time.

We will never find a replacement for Luke, as his character was truly unique, but his closest friends stepped in to fill the void and they are doing a great job.

I am sure if Luke had a say in who can replace him it would be Fouad’s new guests, James Hollingshead & Ben Chow.

James and Ben were very close to Luke and thankfully they have kept the show alive.

The main focus of Bodybuilding Bollocks is bodybuilding, but sometimes they do go off subject and it turns into a very entertaining affair.

The second show that is very entertaining that is produced by Fouad is Bro Chat.

This show is starting to grow in popularity with its off the wall subjects. Every possible subject is discussed on this show that usually has Guy Cisternino and Nick Walker as guests. The combination of these three will entertain you for many hours.

Other great shows produced by Fouad consist of contest coverage and his Real Bodybuilding Podcast also has some great interviews with the top stars in the industry.

Jay Cutler TV

Jay Cutler is one of the most loved people in the industry. The 4X Mr. Olympia has always had a following, but with his best friend David Pierre Bourlet behind the camera Jay’s popularity has exploded.

Jay Cutler TV is not only focused on himself, but he has built one of the best platforms to promote and give space to young and established athletes.

Trainer and coach Eric Broser is also a regular guest on Jay Cutler TV. His training and diet shows are great for the beginner up to the pro athlete.

Dave also has some great interviews published on the channel. Dave or as many people call him ‘The Full Time Bodybuilder” brings a lot of positivity to the sport.

My favorite show on Jay Cutler TV is Jay Walking.

The show always starts with Jay either making breakfast or feeding his dogs.

With Dave behind the camera, Jay takes a walk and discusses everything related to bodybuilding. The show is good fun and it gives the viewer the opportunity to get to know Jay better.

Digital Muscle

Digital Muscle is a show that was revamped on a number of occasions.

The website and YouTube channel was purchased by Jake Wood before he purchased the Olympia brand.

Finally the show has a great following with bodybuilding legends Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo taking charge.

The top stars are interviewed and featured on their weekly shows.

A very popular addition to the list of shows in Monday Night Muscle. This show gives you a weekly update with everything related to the bodybuilding and fitness world.

A big well done to Shawn and Bob for teaming up to continue keeping all the media and fans up-to-date.

Nick Trigilli

Nick Trigilli is a person that is loved and hated by many in the industry.

Nick uses a number of social media platforms to publish his podcasts, but now it seems that he has again focused on his YouTube platform.

Unfortunately, his original YouTube channel that had thousands of subscribers was shutdown by YouTube, but luckily Nick created another page.

Nick has contributed to this website on a number of occasions with some great stories. And we are happy to be working with him.

As I always ask for proof or evidence to back his stories, Nick has never failed in getting the material to back his news.

Nick gives you the news without cutting any corners. While many might get offended or say he is full of crap, how many times was he wrong? As far as I know, never.

Nick has recently announced that he will also move away from diet and training videos to focus more on industry news and contest coverage.

I enjoy hearing his side of the story as behind it will be a great source from the top people in the industry.

When discussing diets and other things related to bodybuilding, Nick is very knowledgeable on the subject.

A.J. Kelly

Finally, we get to my good friend A.J. Kelly.

A.J. might be new to the industry when it comes to podcasts, but if you look for him on some of the big bodybuilding forums, you will surely find him discussing something related to the sport there.

In recent years, A.J. has become very popular because of his style of reporting and his great character to go along with it.

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As I said on a number of occasions, A.J. has brought WWE style commentating to the world of bodybuilding.

Nobody in the industry can describe a contest, posing routine or just the way a person walks on the stage as A.J. can.

A.J. has a great Instagram page and his Instagram Stories are great fun to watch.

As well A.J. has invested in his future by creating a great YouTube channel dedicated solely to Female Bodybuilding. The channel is called Female Bodybuilding Channel.

Not only do the athletes love him, but the top people in the industry such as Wings of Strength and Olympia owner Jake Wood and various other media outlets have already hired him for certain events.

The future is looking good for A.J. and it is a joy seeing him grow in the industry.

There are a number of other channels that have great content, but the six mentioned are my favorites.