eric broser trainingEric ‘Merlin’ Broser is well known in the bodybuilding and fitness industry when it comes to preparing athletes for top competitions. He has written in most of the major publications about his training system and the sport in general.

Eric as well is a regular contributor to and we are honored for him to give his opinion on the big story of Kevin Levrone’s return to the pro bodybuilding stage.

This is what Eric had to say:

To me, Kevin is one the best to ever grace an IFBB stage. Interestingly, there were always two distinct versions of him…smaller, more streamlined but ripped to the bone; and also huge, thick, and full with a little less conditioning. Oddly enough, he wore both of these physiques well. Hearing of him coming back is definitely very exciting, and I for one am rooting for him do well. However, the question is twofold – First, can Kevin, at this point, recapture the form that made him a near constant top-3 placer in every show he cared to enter? Will the years off do him good, or will it have only served to leave him further behind today’s top pros? Second, even if Kevin came back and equalled his best look of all time, where would that leave him amongst Phil, Kai, Dennis, Ramy, Shawn, Dexter, etc?

My “prediction” is basically this – Kevin will have a tough time cracking the top 10 at the Olympia. Toward the end of his career his once incredible legs were already down in size and he never had the back detail/size to hang with guys like Kai and Phil. I think he will look great, with a formidable upper body that will compare well in some poses, but is simply not enough to keep up with where bodybuilding is today – love it or hate it. That said, if he is willing to put a few more years in, perhaps he can do something similar to Dexter and revive his career, and even challenge at some smaller shows. However, I feel his time as a contender for the Olympia or Arnold Classic Ohio are just a memory. Eric Merlin Broser

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