contacted IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowicz who will be competing next to Kevin Levrone at the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

We had the pleasure to talk to Josh in Poland where he placed second earlier this year at the Levrone Pro Classic.

Lenartowicz is a young bodybuilder who already has a number of IFBB Pro wins under his belt.

As all of us, Lenartowicz grew up watching Kevin Levrone dominate the bodybuilding scene and always dreamed one day he will become a pro like him.

Not only has Josh become a pro, but he will be able to compete next to Levrone at this years’ 2016 Mr. Olympia.

This is what Josh had to say about Levrone’s comeback:

How do I feel about Kevin returning??? Well he is a champion that’s for sure, he is also one of the athlete on the poster that first sparked my interest in bodybuilding it was posted on my brothers wall so in a way he has always been a part of my journey, when he invited me to compete in the Levrone Classic in Poland I jumped at the opportunity because I would be able to meet Kevin, once I arrived i was amazed at the shape he was in, he really looked that good, it was impressive that a retired pro bodybuilder could look that awesome.

Looking great is a relative term, it depends on the place, a physique guy in a room full of fat people will look great but a physique guy in a room full of in shape bodybuilders would look average. I don’t want Kevin to destroy his legacy by stepping on stage and looking sub par to what he used to be. He will definitely be compared to how he did look and against a field of new improved athletes, if he doesn’t bring the best it will reflect on the era of the 90’s vs the now, that’s a constant discussion that is on –what era of bodybuilding is better? so in a way he is not only holding his own name but his whole generation and if he loses it will say that this generation is the greater.

image2I have been competing consistently lately doing 5 shows in 5 months and it’s really mostly about suffering, is Kevin ready to give up the comfort and live in suffering again? It’s hard once you get domesticated with the luxuries in life, it happens with elite athletes take boxers for example when they come out of retirement they have been resting and no longer have the eye of the tiger, they don’t train as hard, they don’t suffer in their diet, they spend more time socializing and less in training which heavily reflects the final outcome, in relative terms they think they are training hard because before they were training easier but in relative terms compared to a hungry athlete who is looking to make a name for himself, who has nothing, who would rather die than not give his all, well that athlete is the true definition of hard training. Genetics aside, In my mind the person who trains the hardest will win.

Kevin is a different breed. He would take time off and come back with vengeance but this has been a long time off and I don’t think he will be at his best unless he is ready to truly suffer. I want him to move to Dohetys in Australia for his prep and train with me to keep him accountable because although we are competing against each other I do want him to be at his best, I would be happy if he won the Mr O but I’m also going to do my best to be Mr O. In finishing my answer is that “it depends” if he trains like its his first Mr O then he can win the Mr O, if he doesn’t then he will place somewhere around 10th.

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