Mike ChristianGetting comments from the stars of the past is always our pleasure and this time its no other than the Iron Warrior himself, Mike Christian.

Mike had a great run with the IFBB and he was a colorful character that is truly missing from the sport today.

Mike has gained some decent size again and he would definitely know what a comeback would feel like.

When evolutionofbodybuilding.net asked what he thought of Kevin Levrone’s comeback, Mike had some valid points.

This is what Mike Christian had to say:

I do believe that we all had our shot at the big one and yea people thought me along with Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray and a lot of others would make a comeback.

Comebacks are always a problem because the sport has changed so much and we know it’s no darn secret that most fans believe our era was the best.

When we talk about comebacks Sergio, Robby and even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger made comebacks even though Arnold shouldn’t have won his last one. All I say is do the numbers Kevin, you have nothing to prove to anyone life goes on man.

Preparing for such a contest takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money and if you don’t make the top five you will definitely be losing. If you don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

Maybe he is going in that new Classic bodybuilding class 🙂 You know Kevin, he keeps everybody on the edge of their seats.

mike christian