mike ohearn 2Mike O’Hearn is one of the hardest working athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness world. From the gym to television to charity, Mike is everywhere dedicating all his time to the sport and lifestyle he loves.

evolutionofbodybuilding.net are continuing to get the opinions of the biggest names in the fitness industry regarding the comeback of Kevin Levrone and Mike O’Hearn is certainly somebody that cannot be overlooked!!

Mike gave us his opinion the second we asked! This is what he had to say:

I’m so happy that the fire still burns inside of Kevin and that he is coming back to win the O. I know Kevin and I know this man is all heart, when he puts his mind to something you can do it. I’m also a fan of his physique and when he puts that together again on stage he will dominate. As for the age and doing it. I am 100% confident that age will play no part in this. The Titan Mike O’Hearn


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