george seminar_ENGPrague, Czech Republic, 29th April 2014 – The bodybuilding GURU to arrive in Prague for the Olympia Amateur Europe 2014. George Farah to speak on his secrets and tips in an exclusive seminar on June 6, 2014, in Prague!
Participants will enjoy also dinner with Farah after the seminar.
The Olympia Amateur Europe’s promoter is pleased to announce that bodybuilding’s guru, George Farah, shall join thelist of the event’s great guests during the June 6 -7, 2014, weekend, in Prague, Czech Republic. Not only will he follow the competition, the Pro Maker and the organizers agreed to deliver a truly exclusive seminar in the evening on Friday,
June 6, 2014, to offer his unique insights gained during his competitive career as well as recent years when coaching some of the world’s best. “Following the announcement on Kai Greene’s participation in the event, including his seminar, meet and greet as well as guest-posing, we have yet another great piece of news to share with you. Mr. Farah will arrive in Prague on June 5 and be available for a truly exclusive seminar event on Friday evening to those, who decide to learn from the guru’s book,” Robert Speychal, the event’s executive director stated.
George Farah commented: “This is to be my second visit to Prague in less than a year. It was great to see Kai win the last year’s EVLS Prague Pro, and I cannot be more excited to be here again for another great milestone in Europe’s bodybuilding history with the Olympia Amateur event. I will gladly speak with all of those, who follow the sport’s best and look forward to meeting the bodybuilding’s fans, enthusiasts and even future star in my Friday’s seminar.”
Limited number of VIP all-inclusive vouchers are available via mail at CZK 1,500.00 (or EUR 55.00) per seminar and also special dinner afterwards. Only those registered on first come, first serve basis will be allowed to participate in this very special program.

Deadline of registration is Friday, May 30, 2014. When customers purchase tickets for both seminars of George Farah and Kai Greene, they will pay only 2 750 CZK (or EUR 100.00)

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