Super coach IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak hospitalized.

One of the most successful trainers IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak was hospitalized for Renal Kidney Failure.

Fakhri wrote a long message on his official Instagram page explaining what he went through and how he is going to change his life.

Fakhri made it a point to thank Flex Wheeler and Mike Palazzo. Two people that have went through this as well.

Fakhri has an impressive record as a coach/trainer. 69 client IFBB Pro cards and 19 IFBB Pro wins from clients.

Showing he is a true champion, Fakhri continued to coach his clients, even when he was at his worst. wishes Fahkri a speedy recovery!!

This is Fakhri’s message in full:

Last Tuesday I was hospitalized in Critical Condition under 24 hour surveillance for renal kidney failure for 5 days. My creatine level was 10 & my bun 164. They wanted to do hemodialysis asap. I refused. My body broke down. Bad high blood pressure for a decade , dehydration from working long days and nights , long periods of not eating because of work and just not taking care of myself. Basically I’ve been literally killing myself slowly. I’ve been very aware of it but I’m a workaholic.

I’ve changed my lifestyle. Monster 250lbs Fak is gone

Even in critical cure in the hospital I was still working. I had 12 clients competing this past weekend. I still prepped my clients to 1 IFBB Pro win & a 3rd place finish at the same show. My NPC clients also had 5 class wins & everyone was at their very best at their shows. I won’t stop winning. Winning is what keeps me going & who I am. That’ll never stop! .
I might have been given a bad break getting sick but you live by the sword ⚔️🗡 you die by the sword, period no regrets! I’ve lived a great life & I’ve been blessed to experience both pain & happiness. Both were important to have in order to appreciate the hard work I’ve put in to be the man I am today.

I want to thank all my family & friends that showed that they cared, called me, texted me and visited me you know who you are. The funny thing is that true caring people show their colors during times like this. Special thanks to my wife , my sister, my brother in law and always my mother. I also want to thank the great @officialflexwheeler and my good friend Mike Palazzo who both have gone through this and supported me every day I was in the hospital. Thank you all 🙏🏻. .
I’m home now. Im still trying to recover if I can naturally. I’ve changed my lifestyle. Monster 250lbs Fak is gone. To be honest I feel better being more human now. It’s giving me more time to do other things I can enjoy. I’ve been bodybuilding for 28 years & I’ll always be a bodybuilder that’s a fact. Now my goal is to help others achieve their goals on stage by winning and help them stay healthy while also teaching them to enjoy life. Smile everyday & enjoy life. God bless everyone. fakhrimubarak_ceo_ifbbpro