Fat Burners with Caffeine

The cutting phase is the most dreaded part of any bodybuilder’s training. Cutting means eating less and burning fat while desperately trying to maintain your hard-won gains. Cutting down on food is stressful at the best of times, especially when you are tackling workouts with less energy and seeing your muscle size decrease.

Which is why people turn to natural fat burners that can curb food cravings, boost energy levels, and improve metabolic rate. The best products also contain ingredients to help you maintain muscle.

Other lists of fat burners, including those with or without Caffeine and other stimulants can be found here.

How Does Caffeine Work?

Research has shown that Caffeine can improve your strength, muscle endurance, anaerobic performance and accelerate fat loss.

Caffeine achieves fat loss by increasing the number of catecholamines in your blood. Catecholamine is a chemical that mobilizes fat stores to be oxidized, raising your body’s basal metabolic rate – the amount of energy your body burns while at rest. (1)

But the power of Caffeine for fat loss doesn’t stop there. Caffeine also decreases the rate of carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism during aerobic exercise. The reduced reliance on glucose and increased reliance on fat equals more endurance. Another effect this causes is that more calories from fat will be burned during exercise.

These two factors make Caffeine a powerful weight loss ingredient. However, there are a couple of downsides that high-quality fat burners need to mitigate with other ingredients.

Firstly, over time you become desensitized to Caffeine. Secondly, too much Caffeine causes a heavy crash. This can be alleviated by other natural substances that work in synergy with Caffeine, such as Theacrine, which gives Caffeine a smoother and more prolonged effect.

But no fat burner with Caffeine will not burn fat on its own, but it will give you an extra boost when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Best Fat Burners With Caffeine

We have established that Caffeine can be a fantastic weight-loss tool. So, which are the best fat burners that contain Caffeine?

Fighters core fat burner

#1 Fighters Core

Our number one pick is Fighters Core. It is an all-natural and vegan fat burner with a focus on preserving muscle while burning fat. It works to boost energy, lift mood, increase metabolic rate and maintain muscle. The ingredient list includes:


  • Caffeine – Caffeine, as described above, has powerful fat-burning properties.
  • Theacrine – Fighters Core also contains Theacrine, which works to negate Caffeine’s downsides while boosting the good effects. They work in synergy to prevent a heavy crash, and you will not work up a tolerance to Theacrine in the same way as Caffeine. (2).
  • Coleus Forskohlii – Works to release stored fat from cells. (3) It also boosts testosterone and improves bone health, making it an excellent supplement for bodybuilders who continue to strain their bodies while cutting fat.
  • Calcium HMB –Beneficial for muscle growth and bone health. In one study, those who took Calcium HMB gained more than three times the lean muscle amount than those who took a placebo. It even performed better than steroids (4).
  • Green Tea – A powerful antioxidant that boosts brain function and fat burning, with the ability to increase fat oxidization by 17%! (5)


Fighters Core is our top pick fat burner because of the clinically researched formula designed to help you lose fat while maintaining muscle.


  • Well-studied ingredients and clinically dosed.
  • Incredible fat-burning potential.
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Low potential for a stimulant crash.
  • Safe for competitive use.
  • All-natural ingredients.


  • Only available on their website.

You can buy Fighters Core directly from their website here.

 #2 Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout was initially developed for MMA fighters and professional boxers. It contains plant extracts, essential vitamins and minerals, and Caffeine.


It contains some of the ingredients listed above – Caffeine and Green Tea. Other ingredients include:

  • Cayenne Pepper –Cayenne Pepper boosts thermogenesis – the amount of heat your body produces so that you burn more calories per day (6). Studies have shown that it can also reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin (7).
  • Zinc –Zinc contributes to protein synthesis by helping your body metabolize macronutrients.
  • B Vitamins – B-vitamins increase focus and improve mood, which could aid your workouts and help you to stick to your diet.


Instant Knockout contains Caffeine as well as thermogenic ingredients and appetite suppressants. It has been designed with pros in mind, and now you can benefit from it too.


  • Appetite-suppressant
  • Research-backed, all-natural ingredients.


  • High caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone.
  • No synergetic ingredients to alleviate the negative side-effects of Caffeine.
  • It is available only on the official website.

You can buy Instant Knockout directly from their website here.

#3 ShedCBD

Our final pick is something new in the world of fat burners – CBD. ShredCBD contains a high CBD dose and less than 0.1% THC, additional fat burners Green Tea (which contains Caffeine), and Garcinia Cambogia.

CBD synergizes with your natural endocannabinoid system to create some powerful effects:

  • Fat browning – Turns white fat into brown fat, which has higher mitochondria levels, allowing fat to be burned more effectively. (8)
  • Reduces stress and improves exercise performance – Reduces cortisol and therefore inflammation. Helping you to heal quicker after exercise and feel happier. (9)
  • Reduces appetite – Blocks CB1 receptors, reducing appetite. (10)
  • Improves sleep – More sleep equals more energy and better decision-making. (11)


Something new and effective in the world of fat burners. This could be a powerful addition to your stack.


  • Fat browning will help your body shift even the most stubborn fat.
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep so you can stick to your diet.
  • Great client reviews.


  • Research into CBD is relatively new.
  • Only available on their website.

You can buy ShredCBD directly from their website here.


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