FEATURE: Best CBD Supplements

FEATURE: Best CBD Supplements for Bodybuilders.

Bodybuilders are always looking for the next supplement to give them a training and recovery advantage. Over the years we’ve seen the market enriched with a huge range of products – mass gainers, protein, recovery drinks, creatine, fish oils, test boosters, thermogenics and general energy drinks to name just a few.

The next product that is making waves in the bodybuilding world is CBD. It’s in the early stages of research and development into a supplement, but the early signs are remarkable – the list of benefits to CBD supplements for bodybuilders is long and growing all of the time. Already, this is a list of the benefits that research has highlighted…

  • Pain and Inflammation: CBD oil is known to reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Improves Sleep: Deeper, more restful and restorative sleep is possible using CBD, helping muscle growth, injury recovery and hormone re-balancing.
  • Nausea: CBD can help with nausea and feeling of sickness during intense physical training.
  • Weight cutting – Countless studies have said that CBD can impact appetite and aid the cutting process
  • Performance Improvement – Because of reductions in pain and inflammation, CBD can help you improve athletic performance in the gym
  • Muscle Spasms: During a dieting phase, bodybuilders in various stages of dehydration can suffer from muscle spasms, which CBD can help.

Here are some of the best CBD supplements for athletes…

#1 Best CBD Capsules for Bodybuilders – www.ShredCBD.com

The easiest way to get your CBD fix. CBD capsules are equally dosed and often contain other ingredients to help space CBD consumption through the day.

If you’re looking for a quick convenient way to supplement CBD then capsules take the ass ache out of using a tincture bottle and measuring out doses into your drinks.

We’re big fans of ShredCBD, a natural CBD supplement that uses the power of CBD to aid with a weight cut. But, wether you’re looking to cut back fat or just actually benefit from the other major benefits of CBD then this product is exactly what you should be in the market for.

Reports even say that ShredCBD actually boosted the libido of some people who supplemented it.

#2 Gummy Bears

CBD gummies are a response to the concentrated oils that quite frankly, taste grim. By mixing the cbd oil into the sweets, it makes them taste better, it allows for easy nutrient delivery and provides a great opportunity to mix in other beneficial products such as omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, effectively making a ‘’super supplement’.

Gummies are a great way to take your CBD oil for a few reasons – socially, they’re easy. You can just eat them and nobody would question it (a few people still assume CBD is illegal). There’s also the delivery mechanism – eating the CBD gummies means that you take the CBD directly into your digestive system, making them much faster acting.

Typically you’ll notice the effects of CBD oil infused gummies after around 30-60 minutes of consumption, which is approximately the time it takes for the oils to be released into the the bloodstream from the gut.

Many of the CBD gummies abide by other strict nutritional parameters and are lactose, gluten, soy, egg, herbicide, pesticide etc free. This means they are a widely available option to people who follow a wide range of nutritional approaches such as veganism, vegetarianism, pescetarianism, or simply have to avoid certain products because of allergies.

The CBD dosage per gummy bear ranges anywhere from 4mg right the way through to 20mg. The dose depends on the person, but most adult males of a bodybuilding size and weight will take around 40mg as a dose. CBD gummies are fasting acting but typically not as long lasting as the CBD oil tinctures, so you may need to take a secondary dose a few hours after the first, but of course always read the labels on the bottle before you do so.

#3 CBD Oil Rub

The CBD oil rubs are the go-to for a lot of people who want a direct treatment for muscle, joint or general soft tissue inflammation. This approach is typically used directly as part of a recovery strategy post training – it means you don’t have to compromise your strict nutritional intake, nor do you have to worry about eating something that you may think doesn’t taste great.

Additionally, the direct approach of rubbing CBD into an injury site means in a lot of cases that the effects of the CBD are localised to the site where the product is being used, as opposed to the edibles approach where the effects are much more widely distributed. It means that if you specifically want to use CBD to treat a particular joint or muscle site injury, the oil rub is a significantly better choice than the edibles.

The dosages in CBD oil rubs are typically much, much higher than in the edibles – this can be down to a number of reasons such as the reduction in absorption through the skin, the loss of some CBD through evaporation and the interaction of other ingredients reducing its effectiveness. Despite this, fans of CBD oil rubs say it has a positive effective on localised pain and inflammation, plus lab studies back up these anecdotal claims.

Just like the edibles, the topical rubs and lotions are a discreet and effective way to use your CBD. Nobody will ask any questions as you rub a balm directly on to your skin – it’s something sportsmen have done for years and will continue to do in future. If you’ve got social concerns but still want to use CBD oil for treating injuries or speeding along muscle recovery, topical CBD oil rubs could be the way to go.

#4 CBD Oil Tinctures

If you’re looking for a bitter, more potent dose of CBD oil then a tincture is the way to go. The CBD oil tincture is a very concentrated dose of CBD oil, produced by steeping the hemp flowers in alcohol, then cooking them over a low heat for hours. When the liquid has reached the correct consistency, it is mixed with a carrier oil – usually something particularly sweet like orange, or strong-tasting such as peppermint. This is to hide the incredibly bitter taste of the CBD oil tincture.

The dose is administered orally, where the user takes a drop or two of the oil beneath the tongue. It is then held in the mouth for at least one whole minute before being swallowed. This method leads to the quickest absorption of the CBD of all. If you can’t get over the bitterness, you can add the CBD oil tincture to foods or drinks to mask the taste.

The reason CBD oil tinctures are popular, despite their intense taste is because of the size of the dosage and its long-lasting effects. It is the highest available dosage for most users, is well absorbed and has the longest-lasting effects of all methods of CBD oil ingestion.

For bodybuilders, the CBD oil tincture is a great way to take the dosage because it is very low calorie, so doesn’t affect dieting. It’s also a potent dose, so helps with the sleep, recovery and inflammation control better than most. With the intense training of a bodybuilder, this is very important.

It’s a very quick and easy way to take in a large dose of CBD oil and unlike rubs or gummies, doesn’t need to be repeated throughout the day. A couple of drops before bed should be more than enough for the vast majority of bodybuilders.

CBD Oil For Bodybuilders: Concluded

If you’re serious about your training, you need to be serious about your recovery. A regular CBD oil dose will help you to regular hormones more effectively, keep your inflammation (therefore injury risk) low and also improve your sleep.

CBD oil may the best bodybuilding supplement you’re not taking.