kristen dalmas 1 aKirsten Dalmas a 26 year old accountant has been dedicated to fitness most of her life.

At the age of eight, she started gymnastics and eventually became a national competing gymnast. She always involved herself in a lot of sporting activities such as basketball, tennis and canoeing. 4 years ago, for her first time, Kirsten stepped into a gym as like every other female, she wanted to maintain her figure. It was here where it all began, her love for fitness. About 2 years ago, Kirsten’s love for the gym pushed her to go a step further and that is when she sought professional help. She started personal training with her coach Anthony Meachen, who managed both her diet and fitness training. It was in this journey where she met many amazing and dedicated athletes who inspired her to take it a step further.

Kirsten is a USN Malta sponsored athlete and while supporting her teammates, she has attended various IFBB European events during 2015 including Arnolds Classics in Madrid. Watching other Professional bikini fitness athletes compete allowed her to even more expose herself to the fitness industry. Her coach always believed she could be on stage someday and it was in 2015 that Kirsten started her journey of training and getting ready in shape for her first IFBB Nationals in 2016.

The journey so far has been a challenging one, both physically and mentally as being an accountant by profession, it was even harder to find the time for training and meal preparation. However, with a well-planned diet and training programme and the support of her coach, USN teammates, friends and family, Kirsten has overcome her struggles and pushed through.

Today, Kirsten does not miss a day of working out as she finds it extremely stress relieving and to her, the gym is a place where she can cut-off from her busy lifestyle and career.

Kirsten will be competing in the tall class at 170cm.

Instagram: dalmas_usnmalta