lara vassallo 4Our next athlete is 22 year old Lara Vassallo.

Lara constantly works on her goals to achieve highest possible results while also at the same time she prepares with the future in mind.

Lara first stepped into the world of dancing at the young age of 8, however a few years ago the gym bug but when she stepped into the the gym and her interest in becoming a professional athlete grew.

Lara reveals that the reason she loves the sport is because it requires a huge amount of dedication to strive for perfection.

In a few days, Lara will be competing for the first time at the IFBB Nationals as a bikini fitness athlete, with hope that this experience helps her to gain more confidence and give her an insight on the real world of competition.
Lara looks at her body from an sculptural perspective, she sees it as an art work and in this sport one must have a vision to achieve better results.

Lara believes it takes more than just dedication; most importantly you have to have love towards the sport.

Lara would like to thank her couch Alison Matthews for her constant support and guidance throughout this experience.