Maiko Zaalishvili

Maiko ZaalishviliMaiko Zaalishvili is 30 years old. Everything started 6 years ago when she first decided to change her lifestyle forever.

Maiko simply started to read a lot about nutrition and exercise and ordered few home based training dvds.

During her first three years, she spent every single day training at home in front of the mirror and screen with a motivational routine. Since then, Maiko fell in love with fitness and all she could do at that time is to learn more about her body and fitness in general.

Three years ago Maiko visited Malta for a holiday and fell in love with the island and decided to pack her bags and move to the small sunny island.

Maiko then decided she had enough of training alone and purchased a membership at the Hilton LivingWell gym.

Maiko started lifting weights and at the same time still was experimenting with different styles of workouts, especially with high intensity intervals where she can push herself to the max.

Maiko trains six days a week, incorporating weight training and plus some bootcamps or spinning or sprinting outside, basically anything that gives her a challenge.

Maiko says training has changed her mentality, made her stronger and opened minded in life.

Maiko also found happiness in motivating others and encouraging them while giving them the best motivation possible. Maiko then decided it was time to apply for a fitness trainer course Active IQ. She successfully passed all exams and now was certified.

She then decided to participate in a marathon in Gozo to experience a new challenge and test her limits. Next step was competing with NABBA where she gained a lot of

Now Maiko is preparing for the IFBB National Championship and she is very happy to learn and gain more knowledge.

Maiko is happy to have met many amazing people sharing the same passion.

She believes all people are facing different obstacles and passing through difficult times in life but she loves to focus and appreciate the good things that life has to offer. Maiko chose to be positive and love the life the way it is .

Maiko’s best advice is to never give up and never compete with anyone but yourself. Always improve and smove forward. Respect others hard work.

Maiko would like to wish all the competitors all the best!!