Priscilla Gatt

Priscilla GattPriscilla Gatt is a 29 year old teacher with a passion for fitness.

She visited the gym for the first time when she was 19, when a friend of hers gave her a one month membership as a Christmas present so that she could join her for a workout every now and then. Nowadays, she just can’t have enough of workouts.

She was always the full figured type of girl, unhappy with her figure. However, as her mother told her since she was a toddler, WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY, and she kept fighting for what she believed in, against all odds.

Until a year ago, she would never have imagined to be on stage as all this started with just a dream to have abs. Her coach, Robert Scicluna, was the one to believe in her and encourage her to participate in the Battle on the Beach 2015 and even though at first she hesitated, she did and as soon as she stepped off the stage she turned to him and expressed her wish to participate in the nationals. And here she is today, fulfilling her dream to be part of the girls in the bikini fitness category, short class (155cm).