Tara Ebejer

tara ebejer 2Tough times make tough athletes

There is a saying going around social media that breakups make body builders. This is partly true for NABBA bikini model 2015 Tara Ebejer. Though the losses she has faced were in her family, not her love life, the pain she has suffered pushes her deeper into her training. She talks to evolutionofbodybuilding.net about her journey so far.

Tara Ebejer has always been a fitness enthusiast, looking to try it all! Like many other elite athletes, she has had her fair share of failures and mistakes, which she says has only made her learn and grow.

Tara is a firm believer in dedication and hard work and she knows what it’s like to have all odds against her. She loves to train and considers it her therapy – taking time away from everything else to concentrate on herself and her progress.

With regards training, Tara likes to mix it up. Her standard training includes morning cardio, strength training and conditioning, as well as high interval sessions. She believes that changing it up is the key to success as it keeps her body guessing whilst also making new gains and improvements.

She started her active lifestyle at a very young age with dance, tennis and gymnastics. After a knee injury Tara had to stop sport activities for two years until she fully recovered. Despite a number of losses her family had to face, after much soul searching she picked herself up and got back into training.

Over the years, Tara became more and more addicted to weight training, which was her emotional escape. Once she started to see results she started to feel inspired and started doing her own research into nutrition and training and their effects on the body. One thing led to another until she decided this was more than just a hobby. She quit her job in finance and started working for Freemyme Fitness Studio, which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her within the fitness industry.

She always believed she would compete one day but wanted to take her time and work up to it. This day came in October 2015 when she took the title of Ms. Bikini Model NABBA Malta 2015.

Getting ready to get onto that stage is a challenging thing, both physically and mentally, for any competitor but for Tara it was doubly so as she lost her mother unexpectedly just two weeks before the competition. Though this would be an acceptable reason for anyone to bow out of the competition Tara pushed through, using her remaining training sessions to get through her grief and eventually took the title.

“With all that happened, it sparked the flame for me to work harder, which is why I decided to improve my overall physique and bring a total new package to the stage at the IFBB National Championships in 2016.” Under Swedish coach Marcus Salomonsson, she is determined to succeed this coming May.

Outside of the competitive ring, Tara’s main aim is to inspire others on their own fitness journey. “We are all made to succeed in something and it’s up to us to follow our vision.”

Tara is now completing a diploma in personal training, fulfilling her own passion to help other people achieve their fitness goals. For Tara it is self-discipline that is the key to success and she believes that what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals is to decide and commit, and that you only get out of a fitness regime what you put into it. “Nothing worth having comes easy – Whatever it may be! It’s all about state of mind. Believe and achieve and you’re already half way there!”

Making excuses is easy. She believes if you learn to push through the tough times, you come out the other side so much stronger. And she is living proof that this attitude really does produce results.

Tara is sponsored by USN Malta.