Broser 2 newWarning: For those who are afraid of stretch marks, cannot afford to purchase a new wardrobe or simply don’t want to take up more space, you may as well stop reading now! This e-book is packed with info, tips and workouts honed from years of research–and they are guaranteed to get you BIG and STRONG FAST! Here’s what you get…

  • Serious Size Specialization Programs to ignite a super blast of new muscle mass in only 3 weeks.
  • Mass AND Strength–from satellite cell fusion to myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic expansion, FD/FS gives your muscles gargantuan growth from all possible pathways.
  • Two-Phase Bodypart Routines–first you pound the key muscle fibers, then you kick-start recovery and hypertrophy with supersaturation sets. The mega-engorgement will shock you–and your muscles into anabolic overdrive.
  • Complete Recovery–you train only four days a week, each bodypart once every seven days; the intensity of FD/FS makes this extra recovery mandatory to send your muscle size and strength through the roof.

Includes printable templates for every workout, an FD/FS Q&A section and feed-the-machine nutrition tips.

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Guaranteed results!


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