“Fightbox” encompasses Iran

“Fightbox”” encompasses Iran

By Hamed Abdolmaleki

A new era in fitness in Iran begins by the opening of “Fightbox”. This is the name of a new club in Iran which has started giving services by introducing innovative methods of fitness, muscle building and fat burning. It is considered the first Iranian club set to be developed as a Startup – chain method.

In this club, the participants experience a new training skill for half an hour. The idea of the practices is based on the mixture of martial art including stationary, aerobic, circular and practical trainings. In addition, it provides the athletes with the most efficient results on calorie burning in a short period.

This fitness club has 10 stations, which are designed accordingly to trainings methods introduced by the coaches, engaging nearly all the muscles of the body.
Some surveys on these training methods show that each person burns more than 700 calories in every training session.

The designer of this complex, Kave Akhlaghi believes Fightbox will be soon a popular club in Iran as those training methods in this club not only lead to high amounts of fat burning but also gives best results in muscle building. Furthermore, Fightbox is an economic club and it reduces the costs for athletes.