Final photos of Patrick Moore until the 2020 Arnold Classic US

Final photos of Patrick Moore until the 2020 Arnold Classic USA.

Bodybuilding sensation Patrick Moore has been 100% focused on the 2020 Arnold Classic USA.

This will be Patrick’s first Arnold Classic after having a hugely successful year in 2019.

Patrick’s phenomenal size and his small waist has not gone unnoticed.

Training and being mentored by 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath will also go a long way in Patrick’s prep for the big contest.

In his latest post on his official Instagram page, Patrick published a message telling his fans and friends that this will be the last time he posts progress photos.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to share my first @arnoldsports prep with all of you guys up to this point! Now it’s time for me to really dig in and focus on these last few weeks, so there won’t be any more progress pics. This gives me the opportunity to have some element of surprise lol. Huge thank you to @johnjsherman and @greg_one2one for taking some time with me today to get my mind in line. It’s almost game time guys and I look forward to meeting everyone in just under 4 weeks!! Have a great week! – Patrick Moore.

We are just under four weeks away from the Arnold Classic USA and the next time we will see Patrick is on the Arnold stage.