Fitbalance Berkes Team is heading to Čačak, Serbia – IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia.

This weekend Fitbalance Berkes Team is heading to Čačak, Serbia, to compete in IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia – Elite Pro Qualifier and World Elite Ranking Event. The team will consist of 7 IFBB & IFBB Elite Athletes:

• Karina Gavrikova – IFBB Elite Bikini Fitness, Arnold Classic USA winner, Olympia Amateur San Marino winner, Diamond Cup Malta winner, Diamond Cup Ostrava winner, Hungarian National Champion, Top 3 in European Championship, World Championship Runner up

 • Andrea Horvath – IFBB Elite Bikini Fitness & Master Bikini Fitness, Diamond Cup Malta Runner-up, Hungarian National Champion

• Vivien Lengyel – IFBB Junior Bikini Fitness, Arnold Classic winner, Diamond Cup UK winner, Hungarian National Champion

• Daniel Kovacs – IFBB Elite Mens Physique & Junior Men’s Physique, Diamond Cup Malta Runner-up, Top 6 in European Championship

• Sandor Berecz – IFBB Elite Mens Physique, Diamond Cup Malta 5th place

• Franciska Szabó – IFBB Wellness, Hungarian National Champion

• Mercedes Müller – IFBB Bikini Fitness, Hungarian National Champion

Organized with the support of Serbian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Goran Ivanovic. This is the first IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia will be held, next 11th to 14th May, in Cacak; with 10 Pro Elite Cards for the main winners and valued points for the 2018 Elite World Ranking.