“This is my last 212 Olympia” – Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis made a announcement today that will surely shock the bodybuilding world.

6X 212 Olympia winner Flex Lewis has confirmed in a recent interview with Flexonline.com that the 2018 Olympia will be the last time he competes in the 212 class.

Flex Lewis was actually thinking of ending his career in 2017 after the death of Dallas McCarver, but he managed to continue and decided it was not the right time to stop.

Flex revealed that if he does win his seventh 212 Olympia title, he would be a happy man knowing he tied Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record in his class.

Flex revealed that he sacrifices a lot of size and muscle to make the weight of the 212 class. He revealed that he can step on stage at 220 pounds, but obviously he has to go down in weight.

Will Flex Lewis compete in the open class? Flex Lewis did not completely shut the door on this idea, but he did explain that he would need to work on a new game plan to add more size on his frame, without ruining his shape.

Flex Lewis said that he would be taking time off and if he had to compete again, it would be in 2020.

What will Flex Lewis be doing in the meantime? Flex has a number of businesses and investments outside the sport to keep him busy, as well his beautiful family.

Hopefully 2018 will not be the last time we see the great Flex Lewis on the bodybuilding stage, but for the time being we will all have to be patient.

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