Flex Lewis remembers Dallas

Flex Lewis remembers Dallas McCarver. 

August 22, 2018 marks the one year since the death of Dallas McCarver.

Dallas was loved by the bodybuilding world and even after his sudden death, he is remembered and talked about almost everyday.

One of his closest friends, Flex Lewis wrote a very powerful message about Dallas on his official social media pages. A few weeks ago Flex also revealed a beautiful painting of Dallas at his gym, the Dragons Lair.

This is the message in full:

flex_lewisA genuine moment caught by @ryanloco at the end of a VERY tough Arm workout.

Myself and @frank_mcgrath78 at the end the workout looked up and I said “that was for you” I really had to dig deep, physically and emotionally just keep moving.
I want to personally thank both Ryan and Frank for being amazing friends knowing, yet not speaking about it yesterday.

I knew this day was coming for a week and the feeling built up day by day, being in prep it’s not good I know but there’s nothing anyone can say or suggest to help, it’s been only a year and still not had the time to deal with it.

Dallas passed in the early hours of the 22nd (today) but yesterday/ today are both days i needed/ need to get through.

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about this kid, someone who I took under my wing, called my little big brother, a real gentle giant who was a good kid, and a big teddy bear to my daughter, amazing friend to those he kept close, prankster, joker loved by everyone’s kids, oh and he was also a savage in the gym, life’s short and as cliche as that is….. it’s true. None of us know when it’s time so live life!

I more likely will be radio silent today on my socials just to have my time. Tomorrow is another day and tomorrow we celebrate a life lead to the max. Today I have the memories of the calls, the hospital, and the tears of seeing/ finding out he left us as flash backs, but I am keeping myself incredible busy on my day off the gym.
We miss you brother daily so proud to have you on the @the_dragons_lair looking down it’s been a year but gone and never will you be forgotten.
#DallasMcCarver #RIP #DragonsLair#MissYou

Dallas McCarver 2016 Arnold Classic Europe from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.