Flex Wheeler answers his critics

Flex Wheeler answers his critics

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler has released a statement on his social media regarding certain criticism regarding his decision to compete in the Classic Physique division at the 2017 Mr. Olympia.

Flex Wheeler has been criticized that he is crazy to do such a show with such a medical history behind him.

These remarks from Flex Wheeler could be a reaction the recent show on rxmuscle.com with Chris Aceto,  Dave Palumbo, Gregg Valentino and Boston Loyd. They covered a number of subjects and Flex Wheeler was one of them.

As many in the industry are only really showing their concern for the IFBB Legend, at the end of the day, Flex knows what is right or wrong for himself.

This is the official statement from Flex Wheeler:

officialflexwheelerSay what you will about me. In fact everyone has their own opinion. But HEAR THIS! I’ll leave no stone unturned in my preparation for 2017 @mrolympiallc. I’m used to people doubting and not believing in me, this is nothing new to me. IM BUILT FOR THIS