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Fouad Abiad pulls out of 2020 Chicago Pro… hints at retirement.

Popular Canadian pro bodybuilder Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad made the announcement that he will not be competing at the 2020 Chicago Pro.

The reason for pulling out of the contest was due to health concerns. As Fouad felt he was in a great position to compete, his blood work suggested otherwise.

Fouad explained in an emotional video on his Instagram account that his doctors suggested for him to pull the plug on his contest prep.

As Fouad was just two weeks away from the contest and getting into a very important and stressful phase of his prep, doctors advised Fouad to stop.

Fouad decided his health was more important and made the hard decision to listen to his doctors and family.

Fouad was in tears near the end of the video when he mentioned that he might not ever compete again.

Abiad could have been very emotional due to the fact that he wanted to dedicate this competition to he dear friend, the late Luke Sandoe.

Professional bodybuilding stresses the body a lot and Fouad has had his share of injuries.

Thankfully, Fouad has a great social media presence with a large YouTube following and as well he has a very successful supplement brand.

Fouad might never compete again, but he still has so much to contribute to the sport of bodybuilding.


Fouad Abiad’s Message

A word..

Guys I sincerely want to thank you all for urging me to compete. This was one of the reasons I waited so long to announce. I thought everything was fine but when I started to push my body in the final stages of prep it just wasn’t a good idea any more.
I hope you guys can understand my health has to come first. I will still be working hard to give back in the form of the podcast, whiteboard videos, cooking videos, training videos, etc but I think the days of pushing my body past the limit are behind me.
#walkyourownpath Fouad Abiad.