gaspari bookBeing a part of Rich Gaspari’s Launch team for his book ’51 Days No Excuses’ has its advantages. One of them is that we were sent a draft copy of his book.

My thoughts on the book are really positive.

The book is a 51 day adventure that transformed Gaspari from a normal looking retired bodybuilder to a person having a physique that was good enough to compete at a world class level. The great part about this is that you can do the exact same thing. Maybe you are not a person that want’s to step on the stage, but you will change your life for ever.

It is a easy read, the workouts are very easy to understand and anybody at any age can use his training routines.

Yes, you can say it is another book written by a retired IFBB Pro, but it is not.

Gaspari is honest, he shows that he is not the super human that people think bodybuilders are. After retiring from the sport of bodybuilding, Gaspari focused on his business rather than himself and it had an effect on his physique.

Rich shared his life experiences with the reader, he was not given the nickname the ‘Dragon Slayer’ for nothing. He shows you that whatever comes at you in life, good or bad, you just have to keep on moving forward.

The daily tips throughout the book are also a great help. With these tips, Rich manages to hit every problem or question that can occur during this program.

As you go along in the book you also feel as if Gaspari is with you all the way, his stories and inspirational articles before each routine are just perfect. It feels as if he is with you just before you start the routine that he gives you for that certain day.

So what are you waiting for?? instead of drinking that coffee and eating that cupcake in the morning start reading the book day by day and see your life change!!

Kevin Grech

You can now pre-order Rich Gaspari’s “51 Days No Excuses” at and take advantage of the $250 in gifts before its official launch 3-08-2014.