cancer free

One of the best guru’s around George Farah just let the bodybuilding and fitness world know that he is cancer free.

George is knows for working with great athletes such as Kai Greene and Dexter Jackson.

As well George Farah also revealed that he should be at the 2018 Arnold Classic.

What great news!! It was not long a go that George published a video on his official Instagram page explaining his problem and everybody was truly worried about the outcome.

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This is what George had to say in his short message:

I had the battle of my life but once again I came on top. When God is on your side nothing can stop you. Love you all for your prayers and good wishes and thankful that God heard us all. One more surgery to reverse nmy ileostomy and be back to my 100%.

George is looking really good considering what he had to go through in 2017.

We are just thankful for this at and we truly hope to see George doing what he loves very soon.

cancer free