“Get regular checkups” – Lee Priest

Get regular checkups - Lee Priest

Get regular checkups – Lee Priest

This has been on of the most tragic weeks in the history of the sport of bodybuilding. Two prominent figures of the sport have passed away, Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana.

Both of these bodybuilders packed a lot of muscle. They were the giants of the sport. Dallas was only 26 and he weighed over 300lbs. Dallas was not planning to compete soon, so he was packing on the muscle.

Rich Piana on the other hand at the age of 46 had a huge physique, fluctuating in weight all through the year.

Not to get into any speculation on how both passed away, it is a fact that all this mass does create strain on the body.

Even though evolutionofbodybuilding.net have been criticized by certain readers for posting certain videos with former athletes preaching to athletes to get themselves checked, we are going to continue. We want the sport to grow financially but most importantly safely. We want to see the same bodybuilders step on the stage year after year.

Today, bodybuilding superstar Lee Priest posted a short but important message to all bodybuilders and fitness athletes who push their bodies to the limit.

Lee Priest is not somebody that is going to hide his words, he is straight to the point and is another bodybuilder who has been through it all. Lee has the experience to give him the right to talk and give advice.

Lee Priest’s short message:

Sad news again in our industry. I just hope this is a wake up call for all who push our bodies training dieting supps etc to get regular check ups. Get your blood work done get a ECG get a stress test it’s better to be safe then sorry. There are so many silent killers out there that can be avoided if found early so train hard but be smart.

It is very important that whoever takes part in any sport, especially bodybuilding and extreme fitness that they get checked at least one a year.

Like it or not, the reality is that we have a big problem in the sport of bodybuilding today and hopefully we can learn from the tragic events of the past week.

Get regular checkups - Lee Priest

Get regular checkups - Lee Priest Get regular checkups - Lee Priest