Gofundme account opened to help Eddie Robinson pay for medical expenses.

Seth Robinson, Eddie Robinson’s son opened a Gofundme account to raise funds to help pay for the massive medical expenses after the accident he had while preparing to make a return to the bodybuilding stage.

Eddie suffered a major back injury and had to have major surgery, plus he needs a lot of dental work after his accident.

Eddie Robinson was  very popular bodybuilder in the 90’s. He was on countless magazine covers and was very successful with the IFBB and as well competed with the WBF. Eddie is currently occupying the post of President of NABBA USA.

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Seth Robinson wrote a message on Eddie’s page to explain everything that led him to create a Gofundme account.

Eddie Robinson is also selling some precious items related to bodybuilding that he won or received through his bodybuilding career to help pay for expenses.

This is the full detailed message by Seth Robinson:

My Father had an Emergancy trip to the ER 
July 24, 2018. He was 4 months out from his diet prep for his Pro Debute in the Masters Universe in the UK. After a severe accident
in the gym crushing his cervical spine that almost left him paralyzed landed us in the Hospital for 5 long days in surgery. $180,000 later and still pending more surgeries, Shoulder, Back, Knee and Over 65k in uninsured Dental that left my father with 6 broken mollar roots in back teeth that need surgically removed ASAP as all front have been chipped and cracked.
With No work and on his back for the last 20 days and in a brace I decide to apply for a go fund me page to help with our living expenses and pending surgeries. My father was against this per his pride but agreed would do if all donations received would get in return a signed Poster and a 4 page 8×10 Package of his career personally autographed and signed by My Father! My Father believes in giving something special back for all your Donations to help pay for his medical to hopefully make him become whole again as your Donations will help contribute to medical and our living expenses. He’s not only my father he’s been my mother also whom raised me alone since birth. With no other means of support in our family. Your Donations would be greatly appreciated! Please See pictures of Posters and 8×10 that will be personally Autographed in appreciation of your Donations. Please show your support and Share to your Page.
Send Donations to:
Eddie Robinson
P.O. Box 216 Safety Harbor, Fl
Thank you
Seth Robinson.

Click HERE to donate to his Gofundme account. www.gofundme.com/father-ifbb-eddie-robinson-medical

Or donate via Paypal: https://paypal.me/fundingeddie



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