Ryan Crowley pec tear

GRAPHIC: Ryan “Big Rig” Crowley suffers career threatening pec tear.

Ryan Crowley suffered a horrific pec tear during what should have been a routine chest workout.

Ryan is a very young bodybuilder who has already gained a wealth of competition experience already at a very young age.

What should have been a normal chest day with his training partner Larry Wheels, ended with Ryan being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to reattach his pec.

The top bodybuilders from all over the world have been sending messages of support to Ryan during this difficult time.

Milos Sarcev was one of the first to post a message of encouragement and support.

Larry Wheels is promoting the GoFundMe page he created for Ryan to cover medical costs.

Moments before surgery, Ryan posted a message on his Instagram page:

“Cannot believe it happened, completely tore my pec tendon off the bone, I will be having surgery today at 5pm, praying that it gets it shape back and doesn’t ruin the rest of my career In bodybuilding before it’s even started!

Huge Thank you to everyone for the messages and the support, it truly means the world! , if you know me you know this has hit me extremely hard, and struggling to deal with it, but let’s get through it and come out the other side stronger!


Some of the most successful bodybuilders in the history of the sport suffered the same injury during their career. Kevin Levrone suffered a pec tear just after turning pro, but he still had a very successful bodybuilding career.

We at evolutionofbodybuilding.net wish Ryan a speedy recovery and hope to see him back at the gym very soon.