Gregg Valentino confirms that he has throat cancer

WATCH: Gregg Valentino confirms that he has throat cancer.

Shocking news coming from bodybuilding’s wild boy Gregg Valentino.

Gregg has confirmed that he has throat cancer.

Not everybody can handle watching Gregg Valentino’s shows on YouTube, but if you do try to watch them, he means well.

Gregg is the type of guy that does not hesitate to tell you the truth.

The wealth of knowledge that Gregg has in regards to bodybuilding and the history of the sport is incredible.

Gregg confirmed that he recently had surgery to remove a growth in his throat.

After the operation, Gregg found out he had a 2cm tumor in his throat.

Gregg does not want everybody feeling sorry for him, but at the same time appreciates all the support he is getting. wish Gregg a speedy recovery and we are sure he will get through this.