Guy Cisternino in hospital

Guy Cisternino in hospital due to blood clot

212 champion bodybuilder Guy ‘Quadro’ Cisternino has to spend some time in the hospital unexpectedly.

In a recent video published on his official Instagram page, Guy explains that he has been having major pain in his calf.

Guy thought he maybe strained his calf muscle during training, but the pain was so severe he went to the hospital.

Cisternino immediately was told to stay at the hospital when they checked him as the doctors believe it is a possible blood clot.

Guy insists that everybody is the same and just because your a professional bodybuilder, it does not mean that your immune to sickness.

Cisternino explains:

Little update for you guys who been asking me. I’m in the ER, not sure exactly what it is yet, I just got saw by a nurse that thinks it’s a blood clot so I’m waiting testing and to see the doctors/specialists. Another day in the bad luck chronicles of Guy lol. All seriousness I’m hopping it’s nothing but by the looks, feel, and symptoms it’s definitely something, just not sure what it is. Stay safe guys, and God Bless!

As always for any athlete, the first priority should be health. wish Guy a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the gym very soon.


Guy Cisternino confirmed on his Instagram page that he does have a blood clot.