WATCH: Guy Cisternino's message

WATCH: Guy Cisternino’s message to fans before shoulder surgery

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino today, via his social media talked to his fans just hours before he went into surgery to correct a shoulder problem.

The good news is that according to Guy is that he will be at 100% after his shoulder surgery and he will be able to train to his max.

The surgery is to last approximately two hours.

Cisternino, in the last couple of years had to take care of a skin infection that kept him off the stage as well. Cisternino had to pull out of the 2017 New York Pro because of this problem.

Gu Cisternino is one of the good guys of the sport, not long ago he went to visit a cancer patient that is a fan of his:

WATCH: Guy Cisternino’s generosity and kindness is an example for all

It is great to see that Guy is in good spirits before his operation and hopefully we will see him back on the pro stage very soon!!