Gyms to re-open in Malta

Gyms to re-open in Malta on Friday (5 June, 2020).

Finally some good news for the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts that live in Malta (Europe).

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela has confirmed that gyms are to re-open this Friday, 5 June 2020 in a recent interview on One Radio.

Bars and gyms will re-open on Friday while the airports and ports coronavirus saftey measures will be removed in July.

The sport of bodybuilding is a very popular sport in Malta.

A number of athletes have went on to become world champions and also earned their pro status by competing in such events as the prestigious IFBB World Championships and Amateur Arnold Classic Europe.

As well, IFBB Malta organize the local National Championships, IFBB Diamond Cup and IFBB Elite Pro events on the island.

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