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USA travel ban keeps Hadi Choopan out of the 2018 Arnold Classic

Not the build up we wanted to the 2018 Arnold Classic that is as well going to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Late last week, we found out that bodybuilding open class favorite Shawn Rhoden will be skipping the Arnold Classic due to health problems.

Now, Hadi Choopan will miss another opportunity to compete in the USA due to the travel ban.

Donald Trump’s travel ban for Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen is still being enforced and this is keeping Hadi Choopan from competing at the Arnold Classic, Ohio. In 2017, Hadi also had to miss the 212 Olympia due to the same ban.

This is very bad news as Choopan is a favorite to compete for the Arnold 212 title. It looks as the only way he will be able to go against the best if they compete in Europe or any other country where there are no such bans.

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